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Welcome to my counseling office.

I am Mickey Simpson. I am a licensed specialist clinical social worker/psychotherapist with nearly two decades of direct experience with individuals, couples, and families. Currently I hold a specialty in the area of domestic violence.

I received my Masters in Social Work in 1996 from the University of Kansas. I worked as the Outreach Coordinator for a local domestic violence shelter for 4 years and began a private practice in September of 2000.

My goal is to help people take action when life happens so as to lead a more peaceful and productive life.

I have been married 20+ years and have raised 3 pretty terrific kids.

While on bed-rest carrying my twin daughters, I began to help my outreach clients via telephonic therapy and found I liked it and my clients appreciated it.

More recently, I found myself listening to a radio station where I heard a well-known and probably well-meaning “intuitive” tell a young woman to proceed moving in with a new man she had recently met. She shared her desperate situation being young and having a young child and needing a place to stay. She intimated other quick move-ins with other men hadn’t worked out well. I felt that she was truly looking for real help and in my opinion the “intuitive” failed her with the response that he believed that it would be okay to do this transition.

What the “intuitive” didn’t give her were real tools, resources, and/or any concern about the potential impact of her decision for herself or her child.

I knew right then, our community needs trained people to reach out to in less traditional ways. Thus my desire to do private pay telephonic and/or video/web therapies began.


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As a mandated reporter for the States of Kansas and Missouri, all clients, regardless of payment type, face the same guidelines based on the ethics of being a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (L.S.C.S.W.) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.). It is a social workers duty to maintain confidentiality, as well as report suspected child or elder abuse. Act proactively in the event of harm, via a plan for suicidality or homicidality. In the event that the Clinician is ordered by a judge to hand over documentation or appear in court, the Clinician will do so.

In the event your mental health concerns are an emergency and cannot wait for a response, please contact your local emergency room and/or call 911.