How to use video therapy?

Video Therapy is offered through They are a HIPAA-Compliant Video-Conferencing service who specializes in bringing clinicians to people who really need them, regardless of location or schedule.

They have provided excellent resources to help you use their service. Please begin by looking at the following tutorials and do not hesitate to request more information if you need assistance or have questions.

How do I download and install the video-conferencing app?

How do I (an invitee) join a video-conference session?


As a mandated reporter for the States of Kansas and Missouri, all clients, regardless of payment type, face the same guidelines based on the ethics of being a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (L.S.C.S.W.) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.). It is a social workers duty to maintain confidentiality, as well as report suspected child or elder abuse. Act proactively in the event of harm, via a plan for suicidality or homicidality. In the event that the Clinician is ordered by a judge to hand over documentation or appear in court, the Clinician will do so.

In the event your mental health concerns are an emergency and cannot wait for a response, please contact your local emergency room and/or call 911.