Let’s Get Started…

Offering Several Consulting options

First Session: an intake, lasts 50 minutes requiring a one time fee of 150.00.

Individual 50 minute sessions are 125.00 each time.

In Office or Video Chat with couples is the same pricing, however telephonic is not available for couples work.

All case management services made via your request are billed per minute. Examples of charges include and are not limited to;  calls over five minutes requested outside of your session time, paperwork required for disability, legal communication and or documentation of any kind outside of your therapeutic hour.

0-5 minutes are free

5-15 minutes = 25.00

15-30 minutes = 62.50

30-50 minutes= 125.00

All services require a credit card on file that will be charged via Professional Charges .com. Empower Counseling has utilized this California based business for over 10 years without one problem. So if you see Profcharges.com on your invoice it is for your counseling fees. In office counseling will accept other forms of payment, i.e.  cc, check, and or cash if you wish. A monthly report will be sent to inform you of services rendered and charges paid.

Questions or concerns re charges can be directed to Brandy @ 913-378-2331.

Once you have made and appointment your time has been secured for you. 24 hour notice regarding cancellation is required. Failure to do so will result in a 125.00 fee charged directly to your card immediately. If life happens and you can’t make your time please contact Mickey PRIOR to your appointment time and she will work with you.

So How do you do Video Chat? Check out a small tutorial that makes the process so easy, even I can do it. ☺